• Debbie Tyler – #thetrilifereporter – month 1

    Debbie Tyler Thailand

    As a novice triathlete, I embraced thetrilife Masters training plan as it offered a structured approach to my training and included six sessions per week that were varied and interesting.

    Weeks 1 and 2 went perfectly, and I kept to the programme as if it were my bible!

    I have always been unable to swim front crawl for very long, in fact all I could do was alternate each length with breaststroke to begin with.  However, after just one week I felt my confidence increase and I was able to banish breaststroke completely from my sessions which really pleased me.

    I did find the drills tough, and took longer than the suggested time by a few minutes but during week two, I managed to speed up a little as well as maintaining front crawl all the way.

    The bike sessions I split between the gym and out on the road to enjoy the variety.

    These sessions went well and I found them enjoyable. Single leg work was brand new to me, and showed me how different training on a bike could be.

    The run sessions were also easy to manage, and I was able to incorporate my weekly Parkrun session into these.

    During week 3, I started my travels overseas and as a result had to use the schedule more as a guide than a bible due to lack of facilities and extreme heat.   However, this situation did encourage me to hydrate more fully which is definitely something I need to continue whilst training.

    In ThailanDebbie Tyler Cambodiad and Cambodia, I did manage to undertake a couple of bike rides which were fairly tough on fixed speed bikes in 35 degrees! I also managed a bit of swimming in the hotel pools.

    Week 4 arrived, and I somehow managed to injure my knee fairly severely whilst out on a little run session in Sydney. I was hardly able to walk for a few days, and had to strap it up in order to limp around.

    The situation has now improved a little as we approach mid-March.  I’ve been able to remove the knee brace and can almost walk properly again!

    I am now in New Zealand, and yesterday and today I managed to swim 400m in the hotel’s 25m lap pool. I have also been Aqua jogging in the pool after my 400m sessions.

    In addition today, I managed a cautious 10 minutes on the elliptical trainer and 10minutes on the static bike in the gym.

    I’ve found some knee strengthening exercises on the internet which I have started to follow on a daily basis.

    In a week’s time, I am due to go on a 4-day bike trek in New Zealand which will cover 150k or so on decent spec bikes.

    When I return from there, I’m staying in a coastal area of New Zealand where there will be daily open water swimming opportunities. I’m away with an experienced triathlete, and I am anxious to train in open water with her ahead of my two open water triathlon events in June.

    Swimming is my weakest area, and I am particularly fearful of open water as I have very little experience of that kind of swimming.

    My main event is still about 10 weeks away, and I feel that my training will soon get back on track once my injury allows me to get back to it.