• Claire Howard – #thetrilifereporter – month 1

    Claire Howard skiWow….  not the start I had in mind!

    Chest infection and flu has prevented me from training for 21 days.  Didn’t miss it at all to begin with as I felt so rotten, but itchy feet were beginning to set in at around day 9!  I maintained a positive mindset for most of the time, planning my return.

    How to strike the balance between not training too hard and risking a set back and not delaying my training causing increased loss of condition and fitness???  Big question that I considered lots!

    Liz hugely reassured me and after a chat on the phone with her I was filled with plans and ideas and raring to go.  It just so happens that I had the ease back in that I needed with a ski trip to get me active again.  Feeling good and ready to get back to training I completed my first full week of training last week and it felt great!!!

    Running has been the toughest discipline to get back to…..it’s feels soooooo hard, but as d-ream once said “Things can only get better!”

    On a hugely positive note my swimming is really coming along and I’ve loved the variety in the swim sets and drills, endurance and pace have improved and it just feels comfortable.

    The bike is my new found passion, after buying my first road bike back in May I had a great summer riding and had my first road cycle in 5 weeks last Sunday, chilly, bright and numb toes but you really can’t beat it!

    Here’s to continued positivity and focus as the next month of training leads into my first events of the season.

    Thank you thetrilife.