• Matthew Gwenter – #thetrilifereporter – month 1

    Matthew Gwenter Month 1Ok so this is my first proper write-up as a #thetrilifereporter!

    So here goes… I’m at the end of the first months training and would say I’ve had a pretty good few weeks. It’s been great to have the structure of the training plan and having sessions set for me has meant I’ve gone out and done them even when feeling a little tired after a long shift or in between nights. I’ve consistently managed to get the sessions in and am generally feeling pretty good for this time of year.

    At the moment my plan averages around 7 hours of training per week, a workload my body is pretty comfortable with so I’ve been adding little bits and pieces in the form of circuit sessions and the odd extra cycle,run or brick session.

    Over the Winter I’ve only been managing sporadic longer cycle rides so the plan has forced me to get back into doing these. I’ve been doing my longer rides outside and shorter structured sessions on the indoor trainer (there seem to have been a lot of these, as shown in the photo!). It’s probably fair to describe the weather on these rides as a bit mixed!! One involved 2 punctures, rain and un-printable language every time a lorry thundered past me… The bike was close to going in the hedge at some points! Then I realised I was miles from anywhere and needed to get home!

    I’ve also had some nice winter sunshine too. Quite pleased with my last 3 hour ride where I got 80k in whilst feeling pretty comfortable and on my heavier (slower!) Winter bike. I’m hoping March brings some warmer and dryer weather!

    I did my first structured test this morning in the pool. Ended up with a T pace of 1:42 per 100M which was slightly slower than expected as I’ve been swimming a bit quicker in earlier sessions, on the plus side the times for all 3 of my 300M repetitions were within 5 seconds of each other so nice and consistent.

    Generally I’d say the swim sessions are a good bit shorter than I’m used to so its possible I might be lacking a little fitness in longer swim sets right now. Hopefully this will come in the next few months.

    I’m planning on fitting in an Aquathlon next month so this will be a good test for me and will add a little intensity. Write up for that one will be next month!

    I’m hoping next months training will be as productive as this one!