• Bastion bike race preparation

    Your race preparation block.  This is the most important block of training occurring 8-4 weeks out from the event.  You need to clear your diary now!  This is the time to do you longest rides, up to 6.30  hours on a course that is as similar as you can to the Bastion.   You should now include brick sessions, where you practice “running off the bike”.  On the day it is going to feel very tough to lift up through your pelvis to run after spending 7 hours on the bike – you need to practice what this feels like now.   And 5 weeks out from the event is when, at the trilife.com, we like to include a race simulation weekend that includes a race distance swim on the Friday evening.  On the Saturday, riding the race distance or up to 6.5 hours and then running for 30 mins.  And on the Sunday, running 2 hours at target run pace.

    8-4 weeks from the event is also the time to be getting really familiar with your race pace effort on the day, your equipment that you are going to use, practicing your nutrition strategies and practicing your mental strategies.

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