• Looking To Buy Your First Turbo Trainer?

    If you’ve just started our Masters Program and you haven’t got one yet – you should be considering buying your first turbo trainer!

    Nothing beats getting out in the fresh air, but we all have to be realistic about the winter weather, and sometimes it just is not possible to even contemplate getting on your bike outside.  This is where your turbo trainer will come in handy, it’s ideal on those relentless appalling weather days or for those times when life just gets in the way of going out.  It may be your turn to stay home with the children on a Friday night, so this is a great way to get your training done whilst maintaining your end of the babysitting bargain!

    As your training plan builds up, you’ll find that your turbo trainer is incredibly useful when it comes to doing specific, targeted training sessions.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be designated to the garage / shed / loft once winter is out of the way, it remains a great tool for focussing on high intensity training, and allows you to focus totally on the training session you’re working on – you don’t have to think about other road users, or get distracted by your surroundings.

    We thought we’d do the leg work for you and have a look around for some up to date reviews on what’s currently available.

    Here is what Cycling Weekly have to say on Turbo Trainers and Accessories.

    And here is 220Triathlon’s end of 2014 guide to Four of the Best Turbo Trainers.

    You’ll see from the reviews that you can spend a little, or a lot…  That will always be your own decision but try and anticipate whether it is going to be something that you come to rely on and use a lot, or if the potential is there for you to hate it and for it to end up languishing in a cupboard somewhere, only very rarely used.

    You will get by with a cheaper version, but an expensive version may do more for you on the long run if you are going to use it frequently.  Be warned, the cheaper versions are often the noisier versions, so unless you are locking yourself away in a garage, you may want to consider how the noise will impact your ability to train!