• Upgrading your turbo?

    Nothing beats getting out in the fresh air, but we all have to be realistic about the winter weather, and sometimes it just is not possible to even contemplate getting on your bike outside.  This is where your turbo trainer will come in handy, it’s ideal on those relentless appalling weather days or for those times when life just gets in the way of going out.  It may be your turn to stay home with the children on a Friday night, so this is a great way to get your training done whilst maintaining your end of the babysitting bargain!

    As your training plan builds up, you’ll find that your turbo trainer is really the only way to complete high intensity, targeted training sessions safely.

    But you know all this – you are an experienced athlete! For you it may be time for an upgrade – looking for a smoother ride or wanting to add power as another dimension to your training?

    We thought we’d do the leg work for you and have a look around for some up to date reviews on what’s currently available.

    Here is what Cycling Weekly have to say on Turbo Trainers and Accessories.

    And here is 220Triathlon’s end of 2014 guide to Four of the Best Turbo Trainers.