• How To Make The Most Of Your Membership

    Like nearly all industries nowadays, triathlon training is becoming increasingly available online, and we are delighted that you have chosen to join thetrilife.com Masters Program.

    There are many advantages to online training over the conventional kind, ranging from higher accessibility to greater convenience and lower cost.

    But if you don’t know too much about the Masters Program, or have doubts about whether it is best for you, then consider some of the following questions:

    • Have you reviewed your first month’s training block and found it both appealing and effective for your personal goals?
    • Does our training approach and attitude appeal to you?
    • Are you happy with our level of activity online via the Facebook Group and relevant new articles being posted on the website?
    • Do you think our website is professional, up-to-date, and accessible?
    • Have you seen our reviews and feedback from athletes that are currently or have previously worked with us? It’s always good to see what others are saying.

    Whether you’ve been a member of thetrilife.com as a coached athlete or following a training plan, or if you are completely new to thetrilife and have just joined the Masters Program, you can always make your Masters Program membership go further. Below are 4 ways to get more involved with the Masters Program.

    Join your Masters Program Year Group on Facebook

    Explore common interests and exchange ideas with your peers.  Post photos.  Motivate one another.  Share the trials and tribulations of your current phase of training.  The Facebook Group is a great place to share your success stories and keep everyone posted on your achievements when we get to race season.

    Participate in a Preparation Day or Training Camp

    Preparation Days and Training Camps keep you up to date on the latest training techniques, give you the opportunity to train in a group environment and facilitate the opportunity to get to know your peers.

    Take advantage of the online resources

    There are a wealth of articles available on thetrilife.com website which can assist you with your training, your nutrition, your motivation and generally give you lots of hints, tips and ideas.

    Contact your coach

    Each Year Group has a specific coach and that coach is available to answer ANY questions that you may have.  It may be a small niggle or something that is keeping you awake at night, either way, you can drop your coach a line and they will be available to assist you.  No training problem is too big or too small!