• Spain 2015 – On the fence..? Let me push you…


    I was reading some research last month that showed that the UK population spend more time using gadgets, nearly 9 hours per day to be precise, than we do sleeping. 2 hours of this is spent on a smart phone……
    Thinking about these figures I worked out I wasted far too much time looking at Strava segments when I could be riding!

    So every time I found myself idly reaching for my phone over the last month I trained instead, and it is working, and it is a habit that feels good.
    Now my suggestion to you is how about reducing your own gadget hours and kicking it off by doing some training in the sunshine, on smooth rolling tarmac, with like minded people on our annual Spain Training Camp instead? Shift the balance back to doing and enjoying, and what better way to start than on our overseas training camp.

    Start your season off in Spain and we can guarantee it will give you a great platform to build your season on, whilst having a really enjoyable and memorable week away!

    So my message is simply come to Spain this March, forget wasted time on gadgets and leave the melancholy of our winter months behind and get some of this:

    An insight and snippet from the athletes on last year’s camp….


    The swim sessions where very good, every day was a different session but all designed to make you a more efficient and faster swimmer.

    The intense coaching we got in a pool was very beneficial to me.

    My best 400m TT before the week away was 7:40 and I busted myself to get that time. After one week of coaching and a hard week of training I took 8 seconds of my PB, very happy with that gain in one week.


    Cycle routes where fantastic and a real highlight

     The most memorable ride has to be the 10k hill climb. Great sense of achievement when you ride that hill as hard as you can go!


    A great mix of trails made the running really interesting and allowed you to really lose yourself in what you were doing, just you and the sound of your footsteps.

    I found the running in Spain gave me a real sense of escapism.

    Thoughts on the week:

    The coaches soon get a handle on your ability. Coaches trained and coached each athlete to get the best out of their week. The week was very well planned, time and places clearly communicated. I would recommend this for any one.

    I’m so glad I decided to go on the camp at the last minute as it’s got me into a great place for the coming weeks and months of training and racing.

    So escape from the norm, rejuvenate mentally and spend some time making real gains…..

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