• Matthew Gwenter – #thetrilifereporter

    Matthew GwenterI live in North Devon but important to note I’m Welsh originally! This season will be my third competing in triathlon. I’ve been into fitness for a while and have done a range of different endurance type challenges since finishing uni but started Tri a few years ago by having a go as some sprint races. I’m a shift worker so mostly train on my own. Working shifts presents its own challenges too with trying to fit things in with a body clock that goes a little haywire!

    I made some good improvement last year and I’m hoping to make similar gains again this year. There’s loads of room for improvement with my cycling which lags a good way behind my running and swimming so potentially lots of time gains to be made. The plan is to have a good go at some Olympic distance races and a crack at a middle distance one in July as a bit of fun. I’ll be doing a good few sprint races in the build up to the Cardiff Olympic race in June (did this last year and really loved it despite the weather!), with a middle distance race planned for July and then most likely Liverpool in August, just so I can see how far behind the age groupers I am!