• Naomi Springer – #thetrilifereporter

    Naomi SpringerI am a single mum to a great 6 year old kid who did his first triathlon at age 3, training wheels and all

    I run my own business which is a Family Club offering postnatal fitness and active kids classes for 0-4 year olds.

    January 2005 my resolution was to try something new and so the journey began. The first race I did was a Try-a-tri (half the standard sprint distance) and I thought I was going to collapse half way through the 2.5k run, crossed the finish line and that was that, I was HOOKED!

    Fast forward to 2008 when I successfully completed IRONMAN South Africa.

    After the birth of my son I opted for single sport and got back into running as I could treadmill train at night after the baby was down or early in the morning before he woke up – single parenting issue #1, training has to be around their schedule.

    London Marathon 2012 saw the end of endurance running for a while as a torn tendon resulted in ankle surgery later that year.

    Down but not out, swimming was great for me during my recovery and so the triathlon bug raised its head again, one year post op I completed a sprint tri (although it wasn’t very “sprinty”).

    Busy lifestyle with work and child meant that I’ve put myself on the back burner but enough of the excuses… back in the saddle, literally!

    2016 will hopefully be the return to a sport that has brought me so much happiness doing various race distances across the Castle Triathlon Series and with the help of thetrilife.com Masters Program, ending the season with a Half Ironman in September.