• Swim Drills – Zip Up

    Why do this drill?

    Zip up is a really useful drill to develop a good recovery phase or correct a poor one! This drill is also used in correcting some hand entry faults like overreaching or wide hand entry.

    How to do this drill

    To do this drill, imagine that you have a zip running up each side of your body. Take a stroke with your right arm so that your left arm is extended in front of you. When you have finished your stroke with the right arm, take hold of the zip and pull the zip up along your body, all the way to your armpit. Your elbow should come straight up, out of the water and your wrist should be relaxed. Once the right hand has reached your armpit the hand and wrist come forward for hand entry and the movement is repeated in the same way by the left arm. As with most drills, zip up should be done slowly and with control.