• Swim Drills – Vertical Forearm Sculling

    Why do this drill?

    Achieving an early vertical forearm is a really important part of developing effective freestyle stroke. This drill allows you isolate this part of the stroke and get a feel for the position. It will also help you feel the pressure of the water against your forearm and hand and the way in which you can feel and move water when in this position. Powerful stuff!

    How to do this drill

    Start in a streamlined position with both arms extended in front of you and your head in a neutral position eyes to the bottom of the pool. Rotate your shoulders and bend your elbows, allowing your forearms to drop into a vertical position, fingertips almost pointing to the bottom of the pool. Notice that your elbows should be in front of your shoulders at all times during this drill. Move your forearms outwards and inwards in a continuous motion as if you are wiping the inside surface of a large bowl. Use a flutter kick for balance and some propulsion. This is a good drill to do wearing fins.