• Swim Drills – Head Position Drill

    Why do this drill?

    The position of your head has a fundamental impact on your body position in the water. But as swimmers we are all different and we each have slightly different optimal head positions based on our natural buoyancy. This drill allows us to assess our head position and adopt one that improves our streamlining so that our head, shoulders, hips and legs are aligned in the water close to the surface.

    How to do this drill

    Begin the drill with your head in line with your neck and spine and with your eyes looking directly to the bottom of the pool. This is a neutral head position. As you are swimming change the position of your eyes so that they are slightly forward and feel (or get a friend to observe!) what happens to your legs and hips. Repeat this exercise a few times with different head positions until you find a position that optimises your streamlining.

    This drill can also be done using a snorkel. This allows you to find your optimal head position without the disruption caused by breathing.