• Becoming a more efficient cyclist

    Become a more efficient cyclist.   This means pedaling smoothly through the whole pedal stroke.  Push down on the pedal using your quadriceps, then pull back and up using your hamstrings before pushing over to start the next stroke.  You should be delivering force to the pedal through the 360 degree revolution of the pedal without any “dead spots”.

    A great exercise for improving your pedal stroke is to perform single leg drills on a turbo trainer.  Unclip one foot and rest the foot on a stool or on the trainer.  Then pedal just with the remaining clipped in leg.  You will quickly notice the “dead spots” in your stroke.

    Cycling cadence is also an important factor in efficiency.  For most age group triathletes an optimal cycling cadence will be 85-95 rpm.  Your turbo sessions should include high cadence intervals where you are cycling at cadences greater than 90 rpm and “spin ups”.  A “spin up” is another drill to improve pedaling skills and efficiency.  Increase your cadence from 90 rpm to around 120 rpm over 30 s and hold for 15 s.  If you begin to bounce around on the saddle bring the cadence back down until your upper body is still.

    Both these cycling drills are best done on a stationary or turbo trainer or gym bike – perfect use of dark evenings!

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