• A mixed bag month…

    Claire howard Month 5Claire Howard – #thetrilifereporter – Month 6

    This month has been a real mixed bag…..

    After taking an extra couple of weeks to recover following my 3 peaks challenge it was time to try and get back on track…… my goal Sussex Triathlon on September 18th.  Unfortunately due to a very close friends surprise party now on the night before this event I have made the choice not to race….. I was totally gutted as have had my eye on this race for the last 10 months but have to keep it real…. I am not a GB triathlete!  Cancelling a triathlon for a very dear friend shouldn’t be a difficult decision to make.  Would love to know how others strike that balance???  Along with me currently not signed up to an event and having my children at home during the summer I have found sticking to the programme really tricky….this in turn has affected my motivation.  I guess the higher the high following the main yearly goal, in my case Staffs half iron, the lower the low following it when the buzz finally settles.

    Mixed bag indeed!  I am following as much as possible the weekly training sessions and am doing more of it with friends to hopefully regain my mojo…. in particular my running mojo.

    Liz asked recently if I’m feeling strong?  My instinct was to say no but I don’t believe that is entirely true because with what I achieved this year I think my benchmark has moved and I have higher expectations of myself…. so yes I am feeling strong but am still not quite where I want to be.

    On a far more positive note….one of my goals for next year will be to complete my first sea swim triathlon, four fabulous days in Dorset enabled me to take the plunge and build up to swimming a mile in the sea.  Big, big deal for me as I have to spend my entire time convincing myself that I will not get eaten my a massive shark!!!!

    Lydd October 2nd, final triathlon of the season.  Here’s to a more productive next training block and a far more positive monthly round up.