• Surgery stops play…

    Debbie and Mel CNot great news this month, the medial meniscus on my right knee is badly torn and will require keyhole surgery in a month or so.

    The consultant told me that I should also prepare for a knee replacement further down the line, but I’m trying not to think about that!

    As for my training, I have managed a couple of short triathlons this month.

    There was the Shock Absorber women only tri on 10 July (where I managed to get a selfie with fellow triathlete Mel C!).

    Then there was the Jenson Button tri on 17 July.

    I managed to complete both triathlons and did enjoy them, but due to my knee pain I had to do a fair bit of walking on both runs.

    On the plus side, my swimming has been improving thanks to plenty of practice and a new training plan from Liz. My confidence in open water was a real issue, but I think I’ve cracked that now. I just need more exposure to mass starts because they still scare me!

    In order to address that, this weekend and next weekend will see me doing my first swim-only events.  They are the Big Swim Nottingham (1500m) and the Owler 1500m open water swim in Ashford.

    Not bad for someone who only started open water in May and was still doing breaststroke back then!