• Stay motivated!

    MAs we head into the busiest part of the triathlon season, training plans are reaching their peak and legs are feeling heavier! If you’re starting to feel tired, you may be finding it a challenge to stay motivated for every training session. It’s important not to take your foot off the gas at this peak part of training. Here are thetrilife.com coaching’s top tips for avoiding the mid-season slump.

    Refocus on your goals
    Think back to whenever it was that you entered your upcoming races. How did you feel? Why did you choose them? How much of a challenge did they represent? Then think forward to the race itself and have a think about how you’ll feel to achieve your goals. Chances are, that will be enough to refocus your attention and reignite your excitement. You’ll be raring to go next time you train!

    Shake things up
    If you’re feeling bored of your regular training sessions or feel things have gone a little stale, why not shake things up? Try your hand at mountain biking, off-road running or an open-water swim at a new venue. Or enter a short, sharp race – perhaps even a midweek one – to jolt you out of your routine.

    Take some time off
    If all else fails, take an extra rest day, weekend off or even – if your race is far enough in the future – a whole week off. We bet you don’t get more than two days in without itchy feet! Getting back to training after a break will feel fresh and new, and your legs will feel a lot better for the rest. Make the most of rest days When you take your scheduled rest days, don’t waste them. Do something special – a cinema trip, family day out or trip to somewhere you normally don’t have time to visit. That way, you’ll feel like you really make the most of time away from training. Just make sure you don’t tire yourself out. After all, you’re meant to be resting.

    Train with others
    If you normally train alone, you might find it extra-hard to keep motivation levels high. Find a training buddy or join a cycling group, running club or triathlon club. Training with others is social and can give you a competitive boost which helps inject some pace into flagging training sessions.

    Reward yourself
    Finally, don’t forget to reward yourself for your stellar efforts. You train hard, and your friends and family are probably impressed by your dedication to triathlon. Take your cue from them and give yourself a big pat on the back.