• Matthew Gwenter – #thetrilifereporter – month 2

    MG1So, I’ve reached the end of month 2 on thetrilife Masters program and the time just seems to be flying by! I’m pleased to report its been another really good, consistent month and I seem to be making steady progress. I’m a big believer in the benefits of consistent training and having the program there in front of me is a blessing. My job has its good and bad points in terms of training. I work a shift pattern that includes night shifts so training between those can be tough. However I also get days off during the week which is great for long rides and quiet chilled out sessions in the pool!

    I’ve had a few obstacles to overcome, such as a broken chain and having to freewheel the 5k home trying to make myself as aerodynamic as possible and where the hills weren’t in my favour I used the bike like a scooter so felt like I was 5 years old again (lucky I didn’t get too far from home). It’s been great to have better weather and lighter evenings this month and I’m relishing the spring! I’m currently living in North Devon so get some stunning views on rides (see photos!)

    Being a man, onMGe of the things I find it difficult not to get too caught up in is being competitive. Both with myself and other people. Much as I love Strava I’m sure one day it’ll be the death of me as I constantly have to reign myself in from trying to improve my place on the King of the Mountain leaderboards and matching my cycle loving work colleagues. On the other side of the coin it’s a really good motivator. I just need to remind myself what the point of each session is and if it says ‘easy’ I should be taking it easy.

    I’ve had a few days out exploring over the course of the month and have got some training done in different places. A bit at my folks place in South Wales and also a trip to Wimbleball (home of many races!) where I took in a trail run. Got lucky with the weather and had a stunning run. Will definitely head back!

    thetrilife Masters training program runs on a 4 week cycle with the last week a “recovery” week. I pretty much dream of this week each day in the first 3 weeks of the cycle. The recovery weMG2ek has involved a bit of testing and I’m pleased to say I’m getting some good results. I was averaging 5:10 for 3 x 300M in the pool last month whereas this month I’ve knocked a good 10 seconds off that and could probably go a tiny bit faster too. Cycle wise, I’ve got a fancy turbo trainer that calculates my FTP and I’m pleased to say that’s on the up. I’m running pretty nicely too.

    The next training block looks a bit tougher than the last. It shifts towards race pace efforts, which might be fun(?!). The race season also begins in earnest for me too. I’ll be at Bodmin for a sprint race at the end of April, I’m looking forward to seeing how I go. The races come thick and fast after that as I build towards a middle distance race.

    Just as a finishing note I have to say I’ve enjoyed reading the blogs of other reporters. It’s good to hear other people’s stories!! All the best of luck to everyone in their training.. Until next month!