• Dan Fox – #thetrilifereporter

    Dan FoxSo I’m Dan, 35, I live in south Birmingham and I’ve never done a triathlon before but I’m booked onto Blenheim in June 2016.

    I have run in the past; plenty of park runs, a few half marathons and one London marathon before breaking my ankle badly in 2013. This ruled me out of running for a considerable amount of time so I started cycling fairly regularly during the summer months which I really enjoy although my training has always been sporadic without any real focus. I’m not a great swimmer and don’t enjoy it!

    I’ll be honest I struggle keeping my weight down as I have a terrible sweet tooth, enjoy carbs and beer so this gets me into trouble each winter and then I spend the summer months trying to shake it off only to fall into the same trap the following winter. I’m very target driven so being booked onto an event with a target goal really helps me focus with my eating and training.

    I’m really excited about Blenheim, some close friends of mine have done it every year and I really want to beat them so that gives me a minimum target of 1:26 to beat!