• Swim Drills – Superman

    Why do this drill?

    Superman drill is a great drill to develop balance, streamlining, good body roll and the feel of the water through the stroke. A tough drill to do well so take your time.

    How to do this drill

    Take a stroke with your right arm so that your left arm is extended in front of you. At the point of maximum rotation, as you are finishing your stroke with the right arm, do not begin the recovery phase immediately with the right arm but keep your right arm at your side for a count of 6. At this point your body is rotated your head is neutral in the water, eyes to the bottom of the pool (unless you take a breath) and your left arm and shoulder are fully extended. After a count of 6 begin the recovery phase with your right arm and take a stroke with the left arm. Repeat the count of 6 in the “Superman” position rotated onto your right with your right arm extended in front. This is a good drill to do with fins on.