• Swim Drills – Pushing Drill

    Why do this drill?

    The pushing drill or rear sculling is a good drill for isolating the final phase of the stroke. It will allow you to feel the water against your forearm and hand and practice the correct orientation of the palm of the hand during the final phase of your stroke.

    How to do this drill

    Push off from the wall keeping your arms by your sides and your head in a neutral position – use a flutter kick to keep you balanced and provide a little forward movement. Allow your right elbow to bend so that the fingertips are pointing directly to the bottom of the pool or a little forward of this point. Straighten the right elbow with a firm movement focussing on the feel of the water against your forearm and the orientation of your hand which should remain flat against the water. The left elbow is bent as the right elbow is straightened and the movement repeated with the left arm. Continue this movement with each arm in turn and for the purpose of the drill, keep your elbows close to your sides throughout the movement.