Year Two Masters Program

If you are looking to join in Year 2 of the Masters program you will already have completed your first season of triathlon. Now you will be looking to either become more competitive over standard distance events or maybe you are ready to do your first middle distance or 70.3 event.

The program will be tailored to the race that you have entered or that you would like to enter – you just have to tell us which race it is. In fact, we suggest that you enter 2 races in a season with at least 4 weeks in between each one.

Your program will be emailed to you every 4 weeks – click here to see what your standard distance plan may look like, or here to view an example of the middle distance plan. With your program you will be sent articles that will be useful to you as you prepare. And you can join our Facebook Group to see what other Masters triathletes are up to and get support from your Year Coach.

What haven’t we told you? If there is something we have missed please contact us and ask.

There is no contract to bind you, and you can see what you think for one month for just £5. If you choose to continue the cost is £30 per month.