12 Weeks To Transform Your Swimming

Transform Your Swimming in 12 weeks

You can start this program as soon as you are ready! 

  • Do you want to swim more efficiently?
  • Do you want to swim faster?
  • Do you want to be a better triathlete swimmer in 2019!?

Improve swimming skill – the course develops your skill by giving you a range of fundamental drills at the right time in your development.

Develop fitness – the course is structured in 4 week blocks.  Your fitness will develop through progressive overloading followed by recovery.

Develop swim strength – once your endurance and skill has got a head start, the course sessions will include elements to make you stronger.

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Become A New Swimmer!

Use the next 12 weeks to become a different swimmer without the distraction of priority races. You HAVE to make the most of this time.

Make a change. Don’t waste these 12 weeks! Use the time your have AND this course to make a change!

REFUND GUARANTEE: if you don’t think it will work for you we will give you your money back if you tell us within 30 days!

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Is this for me?

This program is for triathletes that wish to improve their triathlon swim times.

There are 2 levels of program to follow but both require you to get to the pool 4 times a week – can you do it?

Level 1 swimmers will be currently swimming 400m in more than 8 mins – you will start with 4 sessions of 1200-1600m.

Level 2 swimmers, swimming 400m in lessthan 8 mins, will start with 4 sessions of 1800 – 2500m.

How it works and what you get

Sessions by email – You will receive your sessions every 4 weeks by email as pdf files.

Video – Bi-weekly emails that include HD video clips on what to do.

Sessions – No more guesswork! 4 structured sessions every week and monitoring every 4 weeks.

You are not alone – Join our Facebook group of other Transformers!  Who will see the biggest improvement?

Swim stroke analysis – 20% discount on Stroke Analysis Sessions at our Swim Stroke Clinic in Kent.

Coach hotlline!  Phone access to an experienced Level 3 BTF qualified coach to discuss progress and problems

Course Content

Getting ready

You will need:
a) to get a pull buoy and kick board or borrow from the pool
b) to have the commitment and availability to swim 4 times a week
c) access to a 25 m pool (could use a 20 m pool but not ideal)

Block 1

Focus is on Balance and Streamlining.  These are the fundamental elements of a good swim stroke.

Block 2

For Level 1 swimmers the focus will be on Breathing and Kicking.  For Level 2 swimmers focus is on Catch and Pull.  Both levels include elements of strength development.

Block 3

Level 1 swimmers will be begin to develop their Catch and Pull, while continuing to  work on  streamlining and developing strength.
Level 2 swimmers continued focus on Catch and Pull but with emphasis on strength and speed.

TRANSFORM YOUR SWIMMING – £65 as one off payment with a 30 day money back guarantee.