Free training plan for a sprint triathlon is delighted to provide you with a free training plan for a sprint triathlon.  This is a simple program that has been designed for an athlete with 3-5 hours a week to train.

Your training plan

The training plan gives you a guide as to how you may organise your training and the volume of training that you should do in order to have a great time on race day!

Key features of this plan:

•    Steady progression – it is important not to do too much too soon!
•    Sufficient recovery – days and weeks.  This is when your body adapts to your training and you become stronger.
•    The right sessions at the right time.  As you get closer to race day you should introduce “brick” (running straight after a bike ride) as shown in the plan.
•    Doing the right thing in race week – neither too much nor too little!

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If you are more experienced or if you feel like you need more detail in your training plan you may like to look at our detailed training plans.