Duncan Scott

duncan scott

About Duncan: Duncan is a BTF Level 3 coach with extensive club and individual coaching experience. With 25 years of experience of financial markets, Duncan has worked in cities all over the world, and has tried to keep fit in all of them. He has particular interest in helping athletes avoid wasting precious training time and finding their work-life balance.

Duncan is also interested in the application of the coach-athlete relationship to the work-place, and is working on an executive coaching package which draws on all aspects of sport to improve performance in the office.

Duncan represented England U18 (South Schools) at rugby in 1982 when, like most of his team-mates, he considered 2 laps of the pitch to be a significant amount of base training.

Duncan is the bike-fit fanatic at theTriLife, a topic which he considers to be largely and needlessly over-complicated by many practitioners.