feedbackIt’s always good to hear what other people think, so here are some testimonials / feedback from athletes that have previously or are currently working with thetrilife.com.  Some are Masters Program athletes, others are following a specific event training plan, whilst some have attended a Preparation Day or an overseas camp.

“The training plan worked perfectly for me. It took me from a place where I couldn’t have completed to completing – thank you. I am very grateful. This was all about ticking that first ironman box and learning. I can say this has been a huge experience! I genuinely can’t thank you enough. This journey / dream / adventure / test of stubbornness would not have been completed without you. THANK YOU!”  Masters Year 3 Athlete – competed in Challenge Weymouth

“I came from a swimming background with minimal cycling history, so knew I’d need a programme that really built my cycling and just maintained my swimming. Trying to build that myself was harder than I thought and I just didn’t know whether I was really getting the balance right because I wasn’t seeing the results. I wanted my hours of training to matter though, so I started looking for a coach who could build a programme that would get the best out of me.  I always felt lucky to have been paired with Dan [Salcedo] because his very measured and quietly confident ways perfectly balanced my lack of experience and keen impatience.  In my first season I wanted to qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships and had no idea whether I’d bitten off more than I could chew, but Dan knew what to do with someone like me and got me to that start line. I know without a doubt that a standard training plan or even self-coaching would not have delivered that result.”  Coached Athlete

“Wanted to feedback on how positive and helpful I found the preparation day at Hever Castle.  I’d put off doing a tri for a couple of years – largely due to how overwhelming transition looked!! Your team, the structure and content of the morning supplemented with lots of little tips, helped me take on a more useful light hearted approach.”  Hever Castle Preparation Day Athlete

[Did your daughter get what she wanted to out of the training session?] “YES and much more! Fantastic advice about ‘starfishing’ in the water to create space.  Transition skills were particularly beautifully and carefully dealt with and at no time was she ever patronised just listened too and instructions given! [The coaches] were fantastic and thought of things we hadn’t even considered.  I was particularly impressed that most of the coaches running the sessions were also taking part in the triathlon. They genuinely passed on hard earned knowledge in good faith that everyone achieve their best and take out some of the worry!”  Parent of a junior athlete attending Hever Castle Children’s Preparation Session 

“A great day, well organised, hit all the buttons and a great mix of people in terms of ability, approaches etc…”  Castle Howard Preparation Day Athlete

“I was so inspired by the day that I have now completed my first aquathlon at Ocean Lake Triathlon club. Without the Try a Tri day, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to do this. Thank you all!”  Leeds Castle Try A Tri Athlete

“I think the concept behind the Masters Programme is excellent.  I find the sessions easy to follow, particularly the swim sessions.”  Masters Year 2 Athlete

“Great camp, made even better by the quality of coaching, lovely environment to train in and loads of food!”  Spain Camp 2015 Athlete

“My decision to [work with a coach] was based on the fact that I had already noticed a real difference in my triathlon performance just by following a trilife.com training plan.  I also really enjoyed the structured plan.  I thought by going one step further and working with a coach I may see further improvement and I just want to see how good I can be.  I really feel working with a coach makes the best use of my time and I find the structured sessions make the workouts go quickly; I much prefer this to just going out to train with no focus to the session.  I would certainly recommend thetrilife and feel that having the guidance of an experienced coach working 1:1 is a great way to realise your potential as an athlete.”   Coached Athlete