• Do you want to train for FREE in 2018?

    pexels-photo-601177thetrilife.com are seeking some triathletes who would like to join the Masters triathlon training program for free in return for providing reports on their training and races.

    thetrilife.com are interested to hear from a novice triathlete, a second or third season triathlete and an experienced triathlete that wants to qualify for GB AG team or wants to step up to long distance. The selected athletes will be offered the opportunity to join Year One, Year Two and Year Three of the Masters Triathlon Training Program for a season, for FREE. Due to the online nature of the delivery of the training program, the athletes can be geographically located anywhere in the country.

    The Masters Program delivers structured triathlon training that will guide an athlete through their triathlon career.  It’s perfect for the complete novice, who may be feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start? The Masters Program gives clear instructions, there will be no guesswork needed – training will be carefully planned so that the athlete reaches their race date in the best possible shape.  For the experienced age grouper athletes the Masters Program is ideal if their budget does not stretch to their own personal coach. thetrilife.com Masters Program steps in to provide them with structured training that, for example, brings high intensity sessions into their program at the right time, stretching them, pushing them when they need to be pushed and keeping them fully motivated and on track. And for athletes that have their eye on long distance for 2018, the Masters Program will prepare them completely so that they are more than ready and can enjoy their day. The program is not just about physical training, but also includes advice on mental preparation, nutritional guidance and pacing – three vital components of long-distance preparation.

    All thetrilife is asking for in return is that the three athletes commit to submitting some photos and a training report every month, as well as a race report for any events they compete in.

    If you’re interested in this opportunity and would like to put yourself forward as a candidate, then please let us know here.