Training Plans

The coaches of have developed a range of training plans to help you through your triathlon career, from our First Sprint Triathlon Plan through to our long distance plans. Our training plans are designed with the profiles of many courses you are likely to race in mind and will do a brilliant job at preparing you for your event.

Whether you are a sprint distance triathlon beginner or intermediate level, or if you are moving on to standard distance or are at an advanced level, we will have a training program to suit you.

Our twelve week Sprint and Standard Triathlon Training Programs are ideal if you have entered a local triathlon, countrywide or perhaps one of the larger events such as Garmin Eton Supersprints Sunday, TriUK Shropshire Triathlon, Nottingham Triathlon, Deva Triathlon, Dambuster Triathlon or Big Cow Sprint Triathlon.  Whatever your chosen race, a training program designed by world class coaches will give you the edge.

If you are taking part in any other triathlon follow a generic training plan.

To give you a better idea of how our training plans work, is delighted to provide you with a free training plan for a sprint triathlon. This is a simple program that has been designed for an athlete with 3-5 hours a week to train.

To receive your FREE TRAINING PROGRAM for a sprint triathlon, please email us on

Your Training Plan

The training plan gives you a guide as to how you may organise your training and the volume of training that you should do in order to have a great time on race day!

Key features of this plan:

• Steady progression – it is important not to do too much too soon!
• Sufficient recovery – days and weeks. This is when your body adapts to your training and you become stronger.
• The right sessions at the right time. As you get closer to race day you should introduce “brick” (running straight after a bike ride) as shown in the plan.
• Doing the right thing in race week – neither too much nor too little!

If you are more experienced or if you feel like you need more detail in your training plan you may like to look at our detailed training plans.

When you buy a training program from you will get as much coach support as you need from the experienced coaches at via email. On top of this, your program is delivered via the internet so is accessible wherever you are AND your sessions are emailed to you nightly – no scraps of paper to carry around! Finally, you will have access to an online training diary so that you can track and analyse your training and monitor your progress.

If you have questions about which plan may be most suitable for you please contact a coach at