Stroke Builder Swim App

Stroke Builder is the definitive guide to swimming front crawl and correcting faults using swimming drills. The app features videos narrated by our own Great Britain Olympic triathlon coach Dan Salcedo. It is an invaluable tool for developing swimmers and coaches alike.Stroke builder swim app

To get you started the free app contains the 4 full videos.  The rest of the content is offered as In-App purchases. This content is split into 3 sections called the Stroke Builder, Fault Fixer and Drills Database. You can choose to purchase the section that suits your current level of swimming or get all 3 to complete this comprehensive guide to front crawl.

Novice swimmers should start with the Stroke Builder section which will lead them step-by-step to developing an efficient front crawl. Then add the other sections once they are ready for them.

Intermediate swimmers will benefit from the Fault Fixer and Drills Database to help them fix issues with their stroke and provide variety to their training sessions.

Coaches can use all the sections as a demonstration tool to show correct technique to their swimmers.

The full content features:

Stroke Builder – this section of the app provides a 10 part step-by-step guide to developing your front crawl stroke.   NOTE: The free app includes the introduction and first chapter – “Introduction - The Perfect Stroke” and “Reducing Resistance – Body Position”.

Fault Fixer – analyses the 24 most common front crawl faults providing answers to fixing them. NOTE: The free app includes the first fault – “Body Not Streamlined”.

Drills Database – a collection of 20 swimming drills clearly demonstrated by former elite triathlete Andrea Whitcombe with details of when to use them.  NOTE: The free app includes the first drill – “Catch Up”.
Every section contains video and supporting text from the expert coaches of

Version 1.2

We have moved the In-App Purchase content so that it is now hosted with Apple for improved reliability and download performance.   Note: You must be running iOS 6 to take this update.

Version 1.1

 Support for iPhone 5 – videos will now play using the whole screen.  Various small bug fixes.