• Leeds Castle Triathlon Preparation Session 2017 Feedback

    feedback1What a fabulous preparation session we had at Leeds Castle this year!

    We asked the attending triathletes about their key aims for the day, and primarily they told us that they were interested in familiarising themselves with the course, swim and transition, getting used to open water swimming – particularly in the moat, learning more about transition and how best to manage them and also gaining more knowledge of triathlon and getting information on how the actual day would run.  A lot of the athletes wanted to gain more confidence ahead of the event and dispel their nerves about piecing all the disciplines together.

    Here’s some of the comments we received in our feedback:-

    “It was very helpful, I feel more confident and prepared for the event now. All three sessions were equally good for me.”

    “Swimming in open water was great and made me less anxious about this section of the race. Also understanding how best to lay out kit etc. for the transition.”

    “Transition skills [was the highlight]. Good to actually run through it as well as the theory.”

    “I thought the coaches approach and manner were ideal, very encouraging and good at building our confidence.  Thank you I had a great experience and learnt loads.”

    “It was very thorough and all questions were answered on the day.”

    “Feel much happier with the open water swimming and with transitions.”

    “The coaches were all good, very approachable and really did carry through the ethos that no question is too silly to ask.”

    “It was really helpful. The coaches were warm and knowledgeable.”