• Open water skill focus: Turning around buoys

    1. Wide arm turnBastion-151
    • arms are slightly wider than shoulder width – to give stability and make space around you
    • use this for tight congested turns
    • head slightly higher than usual with eyes out of the water

    2. Single arm turn
    • use this for tight turns
    • when you reach the buoy leave your inside arm extended out in front of you
    • take three or four short strokes with your outside arm

    3. Wide turn
    • use this for congested buoys
    • good for novice swimmers
    • take a wide arc around the buoy staying 1-2 m away from buoy
    • allows you to turn around the buy without shortening your stroke and losing momentum

    4. Corkscrew turn
    • as you pass the buoy take a stroke with your inside arm and press down on your arm pressing your shoulder into the water and roll on to your back
    • take a back stroke with the arm closest to the buoy and as you bring the arm back press down on the arm, press your shoulder into the water and roll on to your stomach
    • take a normal stroke with the inside arm and you will have turned 90 degrees
    • I have never, ever seen this used by age group athletes in a race situation and we will not be spending time practising this!