• Train hard, race easy…

    victoria-stears-final Victoria Stears – #thetrilifereporter – final training report

    My last month of training leading up to my final race of the season appeared to zoom by. I had mixed emotions taking on the final 4 weeks of training; a part of me was excited to have some free time (I’ve been putting off my yearly dental check-up for, well…6 months) and was also looking forward to having a bit of rest to heal some injuries. However in the last week where I was tapering it became very apparent that I now firmly consider myself a triathlete and that I would really miss the structure of the training.

    I felt strong and happy going into Hever Castle Triathlon and despite a mishap 48hrs before the start where I came off my bike (bruised ribs, bent wheel…) I was on the start line with so much enthusiasm and a huge smile on my face. I felt prepared – thetrilife had transformed me from someone who liked to run into someone who could easily and happily take onvictoria-stears-final-2 three disciplines and make it to the finish line. I think the motto ‘train hard, race easy’ really springs to mind when thinking about the journey I have been on. The training was hard, it was intense, it had to fit in around all other life commitments, but each time I got to a race I felt prepared, happy and ready to give my all.

    Whilst I haven’t yet booked onto any triathlons for next year, I know they will be a firm feature of my race schedule and look forward to working on my strength over the winter so that I can be an even better triathlete next year (I also really need to learn how to use cleats…). I’m even tempted by a half-ironman…so watch this space.

    I want to say a huge thank you to thetrilife for believing in me and coaching me through my #thetrilifereporter journey. It really has been brilliant!