• Building strength and a stronger core over the winter…

    PWhat the science tells us…

    Muscular strength

    The requirement to develop muscular strength is essential as you age. In fact, over the age of 35 you start to lose muscle fibres. Lose muscles fibres and you will lose speed. This inevitable loss can be slowed by strength training regularly. It is possible to readdress the balance at any age. You just have to do the right thing, in the right way and at the right intensity. Simple!

    Why is a stronger body and core important?

    The cornerstone of any strength training plan needs to ensure that your core is strong. When I say core I mean you lower abdominal, glute and back muscles. Some of us are better at working these muscles than others. These muscles are central to your posture in the swim, bike and run and integral to helping you transfer maximum propulsion forward. If these muscles are firing properly then you will be efficient and more of your effort is utilised and not wasted. Get your strength training plan right and you will return big results. You’ll also feel better and most importantly of all you’ll help prevent injuries.

    For sure you will build specific strength doing your swim, bike or run sessions but neglect to strength train either in the session itself or during a specific strength training sessions and you increase your risk of injury and you also risk your body using your muscles as fuel, so essentially your body eats itself! Particularly relevant if you are someone who doesn’t eat little and often too.

    So strength training sessions are important to keep your key muscles communicating with each other properly and making sure more of your effort is transferred to greater propulsion forward, whether through your strokes in the swim, through the pedals as greater wattage on the bike and through stronger faster legs on the run.

    Why is this a good time of year to start to develop good habits?

    This is the right time of year to start working on good strength training habits because you have space from racing to focus on developing this aspect of your fitness. Be consistent through the next 6 months and come the spring you’ll feel the difference in your performance and never look back.

    In a nutshell…

    The key components of your program need to include:

    • A focus on developing a strong and effective core
    • Strengthening exercises that develop triathlon specific strength
    • An essential need to address any old injuries / niggles and long standing areas of weakness

    Summary – What to do, how to do it and how to progress…

    If you want to know what you should be doing and how to progress effectively stay tuned to our Facebook page for information on our transform your strength and core program starting in November. Register your interest with mike@thetrilife.com