• I am actually considering going long!

    CH month 5

    Claire Howard – #thetrilifereporter – month 5

    thetrilife……what have you done to me?!  I am actually considering going long!

    One thing I was pretty adamant about…..no way, not a chance, it would break me….. was that I’m never doing a full iron distance event!

    However…. since loving the 70.3 so much, it is definitely on the cards now.  I without a doubt think the key to my complete enjoyment of the middle distance event was the preparation.  The training programme devised by thetrilife, which I followed very closely, got me to the point where what I considered impossible became a physical challenge that was well within my capabilities.  Cherry on the cake being completing Staffs 70.3 quicker than I anticipated and with a half marathon PB!

    I have a quiet summer ahead regarding events so I can really get my teeth stuck into the plan which is focusing my attention on the Sussex Standard in September.  Hoping for a PB across this distance. 

    It’s been a fun past 6 months progressing from sprint to 70.3 distance.