• Leeds Castle Triathlon Preparation Session Feedback 2016

    feedback1What a fabulous preparation session we had at Leeds Castle this year!

    We asked the attending triathletes about their key aims for the day, and primarily they told us that they were interested in seeing the course and the layout of the area, getting used to open water swimming – particularly in the moat, learning more about transition and how best to manage them and also gaining a better understanding of the rules of triathlon.

    Here’s some of the comments we received in our feedback:-

    “Transition training was excellent.”

    “The team own their subject matter and share experiences that a novice will find invaluable on the day. Now really excited about joining what feels like the triathlon community.”

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the training session and was totally absorbed by the information the professionals were giving. I was feeling quite nervous about race day but now I feel an enormous amount of excitement. I particularly liked the focus on enjoying the day as that could be forgotten inĀ  the mental build up. Thank you so much for having me to the training day, everyone was so friendly that I was immediately put at ease.”

    “Loads of fun and super helpful and I feel like I am a little less nervous about the day now that I know how is will all be set up – the prep day has put my fears to rest plus I met some lovely people.”

    “[The coaches] were all lovely and answered loads of questions, plus highly knowledgeable.”

    “I feel more confident that I will keep to the rules and not be disqualified. I also feel I will get in the moat on the day.”