• Debbie Tyler – #thetrilifereporter – injury update

    Just a quick update on my progress (or lack thereof) as we speed into May.

    I returned from my long overseas trip last weekend, and managed to get an appointment with Wayne at Restoring Health in Chart Sutton.

    He massaged my troublesome knee, but is not sure what the problem is and it may be that I have some sort of tear that’s not healing properly.

    Anyway, I’ve dropped down to the shorter distance for East Grinstead next Sunday to make sure that I don’t make things worse.

    I’m managing runs of a couple of miles, but my knee swells and tightens afterwards.

    On the plus side, I cheered myself up yesterday by treating myself to my very first full wetsuit. Then today, I braved Holborough lake at 10 degrees and managed 300 metres. The wetsuit was great.

    In addition, I’ve entered a ladies only 50-mile bike event on 12 June for Pilgrims Hospices

    I’m hoping to get back to some sort of better overall training this coming week. My main emphasis will be on building my confidence and stamina in open water over the next few weeks.

    So sorry to be such a lightweight, I seem to attract injuries like no other!

    On a positive note I’m determined to make Blenheim, Leeds Castle and Eton Dorney (my other 3 triathlons on the horizon).