• Melanie Berry – #thetrilifereporter – month 2

    TRiLMonth two hey? I am sure someone told me that Spring had sprung? But as I sit and look outside I seem to see hail or was it snow? BRRRRRRR well that’s why getting out to warmer climates is so good.

    The last block has included the Cardiff Half marathon in the driving rain and wind and the harsh reality that the elite men run at twice the pace as me! I am sure they can’t swim very well? Always my go to comment when I perceive or am at the back of the pack! It was a good day out and thank you to Raph at High 5 for running with me for a few miles, that caffeine gel and the ride home. All miles in the bank and shows what you can do on race day having only ran 8 miles before!

    BESTNext was a trip to the sun, a trip to Mallorca to the BEST Centre a place I love and recommend to anyone. Having regained the ability to use my legs again, it was great to hit the bike in shorts, run around the coastline and swim in an outdoor 50m pool. A good solid week of training and meeting new friends… and the Spanish brandy!

    Back to the UK and my first race a week or so on – Southwell Triathlon and an age-group WIN and new tri suit! Thank you to my old friend Dean Jackson from HUUB, I made sure I looked the part but its a shame I still can’t run! Boo….. It has to be said it has been a harder road back to fitness this winter than ever before… I think age is becoming a reality which is annoying as I still feel 20 something!

    Two races in and a sense of WOO HOO I am back…. that reality truck come back on my first 10 mile TT – I am sure my bike had its brakes on? No idea why the tank was empty but it was! So much is in the mind at every level, I am a great believer in that, but its funny how a good friend and kettle chips helps to make you feel better when you want to chuck your bike in the gutter!! Time to get back on the horse, oh sorry bike, get a massage, have a word and do 30 x 100m in the pool with a friend for his birthday set!

    Summary this month – good to be back racing, remember to not get in a strop when you have a bad race and carry on smiling as we are all healthy and fortunate.