• Debbie Tyler – #thetrilifereporter

    Debbie TylerI am almost 56 years old, and have recently retired from a career as a police officer with Kent Police. Whilst serving as a police officer, I kept myself reasonably fit and have always been an active member of a local health club (currently David Lloyd in Maidstone).

    Since the late 90’s, I have been running lots of half marathons and have also completed 4 marathons. My pace has never been quick, but I always manage to get round!
    After breaking my foot twice through stress fractures due to running, I have recently decided to switch to triathlon as I feel the different disciplines will be better for my body.

    I don’t excel in any of the three disciplines, but I am looking to improve with the correct coaching and advice. My confidence has dipped since my foot fractures, and I currently run a 5k in around 32:00, 10k in around 1:07 and half marathon in around 2:30 so I would like to improve my pace.

    I am a member of Maidstone Harriers, and since considering triathlon I have attended a few coached swim sessions at Sutton Valance pool with the harriers.

    As a total novice to open water swimming, I had a one to one session with Liz Scott in the sea at Whitstable and a one to one session with Giovanna Richards at Holborough lake. I also did my open water assessment at the lake late last year. I am still rather nervous of open water swimming.

    As for cycling, I’ve always just owned a hybrid bike to commute to and from work (15 miles round trip), and have participated in the odd charity bike ride but nothing competitive. However, I have just bought my first road bike in order to improve my cycling.

    I have competed in a couple of sprint triathlons already (pool swims), and I really enjoyed them in spite of finishing very close to the back! I don’t really know what I’m doing, but I’ve given it a go to see how it feels.

    For 2016, I have entered the East Grinstead sprint tri in May (pool swim), sprint distance at Leeds Castle and Blenheim Palace in June (both open water), and the women only sprint tri at Eton Dorney in July.


    First update from Debbie on 1st of February 2016

    Debbie Tyler SwimFirst swim session on the novice training plan done this morning, in Marrakech where luckily nobody else was in the pool!

    It did take me longer than the 40 mins on the schedule though, it took me almost 48 mins.

    Second update from Debbie on 8th of February 2016

    I’ve printed off weeks 1&2, and I’ve followed week 1 pretty religiously and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    I’ve noted down the times and where I trained (indoors or outdoors etc.).

    The toughest bit for me has been the swim sessions, both have been outside the 40 minute guide, but I’m chuffed to have completed the sessions anyway.

    I have a lot of travel commitments coming up over the next few months, so will be sticking to the schedule as closely as I can, and at the very least I’ll be using it as a guide and training as much as possible whilst overseas.

    Interim update from Debbie on 11th February 2016

    Good news – today’s swim session (same as the one in Marrakech) took almost 13 mins less – 35 mins rather than 48.

    Seems the pool in Marrakech was longer than 25m, as today’s session was in a measured pool at David Lloyds.

    I feel better now!!