• Goal Setting

    downloadunsplash“Our future will be determined by our goals and by the struggle to make them real.”

    So how many of you have stuck to your training plans throughout the triathlon season this year?  Lets be honest, probably everyone has wavered at some point, been sidetracked off plan by a holiday in the sun, or entered a chaotic period of life where other things have overtaken the desire to train effectively.

    The reason why this happens is because, what may seem like such a simple skill can actually be quite hard to do… Goal Setting.

    Whether your goal/resolution is to swim better, bike more, or have faster transitions it’s important to set the goal right.

    There are a few basic rules that if followed guarantee you will be more successful in achieving your goals.

    If you already know this then it will be good to review;

    • Set SMART goals
      • S          Specific
      • M        Measurable
      • A         Achievable/Agreed*
      • R         Realistic
      • T         Time based

    * Agree your goals with both coach and family

    • Regularly review and refine your goals as they are meant to be flexible enough to fit into your busy lives (i.e. at least monthly).
    • Set process/performance goals rather than outcome goals – focus on the process rather than the outcome as you can control the process.

    Now apply these to your life.

    Think about what you want to achieve this month or in the next few months using the above rules.

    Focus on ‘how’ you are going to achieve your goals. Once you have this in place it’s easy, just do it!

    If you have any questions then contact www.thetrilife.com and we can help you out.  No triathlon problem is too small or big!