• Swim Drills – Kicking With Kick Board

    Why do this drill?

    Kicking with a kick board (float) is a good way to develop an efficient kick. Without having to worry about your arms, you can concentrate on your leg movements.

    How to do this drill

    Hold the kickboard so that your arms are resting on the board with your fingertips just curling over the end. Push off from the wall, extend your arms, have your head in a neutral position with your eyes to the bottom of the pool and begin a flutter kick. You should feel your hips touching the surface of the water.

    Point your toes and start each kick from the hip. Your leg should be fairly straight as you bring your leg to the surface – there is just a small bend at the knee. The downbeat starts from the hip and travels down the leg, straightening out the knee as it does so. Your toes should be pointing slightly inwards so that you are pigeon toed and you should feel the pressure of the water against your feet during this downbeat.

    To breathe during this drill lift your head out of the water eyes forward, just enough so that you can take a breath and then lower the head back to the neutral position.