• Swim Drills – Kicking On Side

    Why do this drill?

    Similar to the kicking drill with your hands by your side, this is also a great drill for developing balance in the water. It is also really good for practicing rotation from the hips, a long leg kick from the hips and relaxed breathing without lifting the head. The drill is about controlling your body movements and should not be hurried. Another great drill!

    How to do this drill

    Lie on your side with a rotation of around 45 degrees from a flat position and your bottom shoulder and arm fully extended. Your ear should be tight to your shoulder with your head in neutral swimming position (neck aligned with spine and eyes to the bottom of the pool). The extended arm should be 1-2 inches under the surface of the water. Fingertips should be slightly pointing down as in the initiation of the catch and your arm should be parallel to the bottom of the pool. The upper hand and arm should be relaxed and resting on your thigh. Move yourself through the water using a flutter kick making sure that your toes and feet are pointing straight back behind you. To breathe, roll the head to the side just sufficient for the mouth and nose to be exposed. As a guideline have one goggle in the water and one goggle out of the water when you breathe. The movement is a roll – there is no lifting of the head! Count 6-10 kicks then roll on to the other side recovering with the upper arm and taking a stroke with the bottom arm. Switch sides in this way every 6-10 kicks. This drill is best done using swimming fins.