• Feedback: IM UK preparation day

    Wow, what an amazing day, best day of my life.

    Got booted in the face & a nosebleed in the swim, was dunked twice but after that the whole day was perfect. I was hoping 14-15 hours & did 13:35 with a 4:38 marathon, with my history of feet problems I was so pleased! I followed all your nutrition & pace advice, kept my heart rate down & felt full of energy the whole way round, only burning Dan’s “matches” up Sheephouse which was fine all 3 times! The supporters were superb, it was like the whole of Bolton came out for the day & they make a huge difference, especially on the run & coming back up to the bike loop – Tour De France moment!

    I’ve got some doms but feel great, will hopefully do Frankfurt in 2015.

    Thank you so much for your help & advice, I know you are very busy & you have always replied to my emails.